How to Get a Job in a Week

August 25, 2010 - Leave a Response

Hi all of you job seekers.

I hope this helps you.  It helped me twice and a lot of friends(they got it free to test it out).  I mean for $4.95, it can’t hurt much right?  But I guarantee you that it will help you get a lot of interviews which will result in a JOB.  I guarantee this system will get you a 20% – 35% response (this would be more enticing if the numbers were higher 30-40% or would that be false advertisement?) from the resumes you send out to employers.  If you’re challenged with interviews, I only have word of advice, practice your interview skills more.  

Diana owes me 4 shakes

The best part about this system is that it should take no more then an additional couple of hours to what you are currently doing to get your job. We’re just going to be more effective by adding my SPECIAL TECHNIQUE. I actually got it down to a science where it shouldn’t take long to get your job. I only spent about 2 hours a day looking for a job. I relaxed the rest of the time.

After many years in real estate and the slow-down of the economy, I had to get a job – a job with a salary.  This is exactly what I did to land me a job in less than a week.  Not only that but I had a choice of what job I wanted to choose.

Here’s the funny part, the job I got the first time only lasted 2 months because it had some rough months and they laid me off.  (Times are tough folks) What did I do?  I used the same simple system I used the first time and got another job within a week.

When I say a week, I mean that I put in applications on Monday and Tuesday, I did interviews on Tuesday through Thursday and got a few offers that I accepted.  I relaxed during the weekend and mulled over which job is the best one for me based on pay, distance to the job, my gut feeling, etc…  I started my job on the following Monday.  One week. (Tip: You don’t have to do it but I did because it is the professional thing to do.  I called the employers  that I didn’t choose and thanked them for the opportunity and told them I took another position so they didn’t waste their time.)

When I told my friend this, he wanted to know what I did to get a job and a bunch of interviews so quick.  My friend is a smart guy but just couldn’t get an interview.  I knew and he knew that if he got an interview, he would rock it.  He just couldn’t get through the first phase of getting the interview.  After I emailed him my attachments and gave him a 10 minute tutorial at a bar (he bought me a drink for showing him), he applied it the following week.  Within 2 days he had 3 interviews and he will be starting his job in 3 weeks.  In the mean time, he’s going to see what other job he can find that might be better using the same system.  I’m happy for him because he needed a job.  He just couldn’t get an interview.   Excellent outcome for him… he has a wife and 4 kids. 

My friend told me that I should sell this technique to help people get a job.  So here it is folks.  Purchase it for $4.95 and get yourself a job.

I like the feeling that if I don’t like the job I’m at, I know it won’t take me long to get another one.  Because I have a system for finding a job.  Now you will have it.  That’s a good feeling.